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About CNPE

CNPE, founded in 2012, is a large private joint-stock company, which has three subsidiaries and a deep production processing park. With 50 million RMB of registered capital and 76 registered management technical staff. CNPE has been engaging in peony ecological industry chain for more years, applying advanced planting techniques and production processes in accordance with the concept of green development, by selecting and breeding of new variety peony, planting, technical services and deep processing of peony products, fully exploring peony values in healthy foods, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Between 2012 -2014, by visiting and discussing all over the country with specialists, research institutes, universities, and government leaders. CNPE’s senior leaders had been deeply learned and investigated the development direction and the tendency of the peony industry. On the basis, CNPE preliminarily constructed their development plans and strategies.

CNPE commits to developing two key directions “Health” and”Beauty”, adopting business model that integrated construction of self-owned planting base, new products research and development, products deep processing, sales and export, owns an area of 3585 acres planting base, produces products under strictly processing flow and technology supervision for ensuring adequate supply of raw materials and safety of quality. CNPE ‘s processing plant covering an area of 11.2 acres equipped with advanced extraction equipment, such as Subcritical Extraction, low-temperature cold pressing devices, physical refining product lines, and class 100000 GMP clean area. has the ability to supply peony seeds oil, peony petal hydrosols/hydrolats for worldwide markets. CNPE has rights of self-managed Import&Export, and its products have entered into Europe, USA, as well as CNPE has established deep cooperation with clients for years. Besides, CNPE also set up an independent technical center for QA, QC, and R&D, which equipped with world-class equipment. Meanwhile, CNPE has built a sophisticated scientific research team which is consisting of more than 10 famous biotechnology-related specialists, professors from home and abroad. So far, CNPE has invested a total of nearly US$2.9 million in scientific research, and its technological achievements are being presented one after another.

3-25f, block B, Jinye era Building, No. 32, Jinye Road, hi-tech Zone, Xi'an City