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CNPE Planting Bases

“Raw Material Talks!” the raw material is good or not directly affects product quality.

In order to create international brands and sustainable development, we built peony planting bases in Pucheng and Heyang of Weinan city for controlling the quality of PEONY EXTRACT from the source at the beginning of CNPE (the shortcut of ZhongZiGuoYe Peony Industry Group Co., Ltd.) establishment. 

CNPE planting base located in Heyang County(35.23N), Weinan City of Shaanxi Province, where is well known as Nationally Ecological Demonstration County and National Non-pollution Agricultural Products Base, is only 16 kilometers far from the national eco-tourism area-the Hechuan Yellow River Wetland Park. Based on the advantages of the low-latitude and temperate monsoon climate of West Bank of Yellow River, it perfectly provides the optimal growth conditions for Peony flower (Paeonia ostii T.Hong et J.X.Zhang) in CNPE planting base.

CNPE owns an area of 3585 acres of planting base totally,with the concept of green development, CNPE adopts the business model of “Experts+Building of Self-owned Planting Base” based on technical support from Yanling Northwest Agricultural &Forest University, which is well known as Chinese Agricultural Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, CNPE insists on using pesticides-free, non-chemical fertilizers, herbicides-free, and introduces advanced planting techniques and production processes ensuring peony in planting base organic, safe, environmentally friendly, non-chemical contaminated, non-dangerous, and achieve sustainable development.

Development Process of Chinese Peony Planting Base of CNPE

In 2015more than 2141.6 acres of Peony Planting Base was built in Heyang County of Shaanxi Province, China;

In 2016over 1317.9 acres of Peony Planting Base was established in Pucheng County of Weinan City;

In 2018the Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of Heyang Deep Processing Base was held, and an area of 11.2 acres of Deep Processing Base was founded and served officially in November 2019;

In 2019, got certified and passed the international organic certificates (USDA, EU Organic, etc.)

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