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As we know, those who get the flowers gain the world. PEONY PETAL HYDROLATS is a product extracted from peony petals, which quality is good or not directly affects the quality of PEONY PETAL HYDROLATS.

For controlling the quality of peony products from the source, CNPE invested hundreds of millions in their self-constructed Weinan planting base of peon. Weinan is located in the eastern part of the Guanzhong Plain. It belongs to a warm temperate semi-humid and semi-arid monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, sufficient light, and suitable rainfall.

The frost-free period is 199-255 days. The climate is changeable in spring, hot and rainy in summer, cool in autumn, cool and dry in winter, the annual average temperature is 12-14 ℃, annual rainfall is about 600mm, and annual sunshine is 2200-2500 hours. The fertile land and excellent climate conditions of Weinan is a well-known agricultural strong city in Shaanxi, which is very suitable for planting peony.

With obtaining technical support from Yanling Northwest Agricultural & Forest University, which is well known as Chinese Agricultural Silicon Valley, CNPE plants paeonia ostii (Paeonia ostii T.Hong et X.Zhang) with high medicinal value, in its planting base. Following the conditions of non-chemical fertilizes, non-chemical pesticides, herbicides free, CNPE ensures the peony in planting base natural, environment-friendly, non-contaminated, non-dangerous.

Peony petals used for petal hydrosols/hydrolats/extract liquid in CNPE are 100% sourced and selected from their Weinan planting base.

In April of each year, the flowering period of peony, the peony whose buds are ready to burst, we choose to pick these buds whose a few pistil/stamen can be seen. It is not simply to cut out the whole flowers together, but only pick the few petals of the peony buds with the showiest appearance, the most abundant moisture and the best quality of each peony petals. There are only a few petals that can be selected and picked from one peony bud.

Our flower-picking workers start picking peony petals from 4 am each morning, and end after the sun rises. The dew on the flowers and leaves of the peony is still reserved, and the moisture and essence of the peony petals are the richest during this time. The pure dew/hydrosols of peony petals extracted from which is the best quality. The hardworking flower-picking worker can pick about 1 kg of high-quality peony petals per hour only.

The picked peony petals are immediately sent to the copper pot distiller in the Peony Pure Dew Workshop, sealed and stored to prevent the loss of nutrition essence caused by the evaporation of moisture in the petals of the picked petals which caused by sunshine.

sunlight the evaporated petals to evaporate. Subsequently, by using the ancient craftsmanship of copper pot, which processing method has been using more than 1,000 years ago, after six hours of distillation refining with steam distillation technology, the high-quality 100% pure peony petals hydrolat liquid is produced out, then store it with seal immediately in a clean and cool warehouse waiting to send to markets across the country.

Hence,comparing with the quality of other brands peony hydrosols/hydrolats, CNPE’s is more guaranteed. Furthermore, CNPE peony hydrosols/hydrolats are completely pure peony petals liquid without any additives, and no adding water to the peony petals liquid, to maintain the peony natural and purify. Natural is the most reliable quality and can be directly taken by mouth!

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