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Noble in Oil-Peony Seed Oil
Date:2019-09-29 19:22:13 | Editor:Zhongziguoye | Views:

Why is Guangxi of China Known as the Home of Longevity Valley in the World?

Bama Yao Autonomous County, Guangxi of China with 240,000 population, is known not for its scenery but its legendary status as the country’s “home of long life."However, there are 74 people are over the age of 100 among its 300,000 residents, and 7 of over-100-year-olds among its 510 residents in “Longevity Valley”, where is the most longevity valley in the world.

Dietary surveys, the content of ALA(α-linolenic acid) in their edible oil reach at 35%, which prevents the formation of the high blood pressure from the sources of food, inhibited the occurrence of diseases such as myocardial infarction, stroke and hemiplegia, cardiovascular diseases, and prolongs human life. Therefore, known as“the Home of Longevity, Longevity Lalley” in the world is worthy of the reputation.

Why is Huining of Gansu called No. 1 Scholar’s Hometown and Home of Doctor?

Huining County, NW China’s Gansu, where is located in the hinterland of the Loess Plateau, is a national poverty-stricken county with 580,000 of population. Since the resumption of the college entrance examination in 1977, there have been more than 200 doctors, more than 1,000 masters, and not less than 30,000 students graduated from colleges and universities. Back to the date, Huining County in the Ming and Qing dynasties had admitted 20 Promoted Scholars, 113 Jurens (Raised Man), where has been ranking first in the counties of Gansu. "Hometown of No. 1 Scholars and Home of Doctors" has been known as Huining for a long time. This has formed a huge contrast with the poor counties in the backcountries, so this is called "the Huining Phenomenon".

The reason for that is because, apart from human relation, the content of ALA in edible oil that Huining people used is higher than 40%, ALA has promoted the general improvement of intelligence and memory in Huining people.

Forestry Researcher, Lihua said,

“1, Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA) is an essential bioactive ingredient that needed for normal human growth and development, it has unique medical value and physiological activity.

2, Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA) is also a vital component of human brain cells and tissue cells. Why alpha-linolenic acid(ALA, α-linolenic acid) is a necessary fatty acid because it is required for human health, but cannot be synthesized by humans. Therefore it is well recognized as "Blood nutrients"& "Botanical Brain Gold".

Wang Yan, Forestry Researcher, said,

“1. The greatest effect of alpha-linolenic acid(ALA) is that it strengthens the brain and increases its intelligence, especially for adolescents. A large intake of alpha-linolenic acid during the golden stages of brain development will promote the intellectual development of children and make them smarter.

2. Alpha-linolenic acid(ALA) has strong anti-aging and antioxidant properties. These are vital health functions in prolonging elders’ life.”

Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) is plant-based essential omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that must be obtained through the diet, which mainly exists in various plant oil. Among all common edible oil, the content of ALA in peony seeds oil is the richest over 43%, which is five times more than in rapeseed oil.

CNPE peony seeds oil is a high-end plant oil, which is physically pressed from the seeds of CNPE oil-utilized peony by optimized selecting of seeds from CNPE’s planting base, it is edible vegetable oil with non-additives, natural, healthy, and more safe to be used.

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